Claire Healy & Sean Cordeiro

Claire Healy & Sean Cordeiro

Studio Claire & Sean


Deconstructing lifestyle in the Anthropocene age via Contemporary Art

Adelaide Workshop 2017

Our presentation will look at a number of our past projects that use systems or codes to make sense of the ubiquitous objects around us. Objects we have worked with in the past include houses, caravans, cars, beer bottles, trees and the dreaded IKEA furniture flat pack. These found objects are often the starting point into our investigation of our personal relationship to the Anthropocene age. Time, its sheer scale, is a recurring motif within the work we do. We attempt to measure up the past (in our quasi-scientific fashion) through examining our throwaway culture with the understanding that all matter around us is the result of ancient supernovae. We might imagine a futuristic scenario set against a backdrop of the belongings that own us. By homing in on a particular object, questioning its lifespan and in turn locating our epoch within a greater timescale. Working as a collaborative duo has its pros and cons. Often the lone artist may conceive their ideas in a far more intuitive or subconscious mode of thought, where as, the very notion of working with another brings about a need for verbal communication at a very early stage of an artwork. Throughout our presentation, we hope to tease out how it is we may arrive at our concepts, and the recurring motifs within our practice.