Workshop, Adelaide, 2017

The Arts & Imagination: the role of metaphors, tropes & images in shaping experience & guiding action

Nicolas BullotYour Artful Imagination Met History: An Argument for a Psychohistorical Approach to Creativity and Artistic Imaginings
Riccardo CarliNietzsche and the Dionysian approach towards the symbol
Melvin ChenDown the Rabbit Hole: A More Skeptical Look at CI
Elizabeth Burns ColemanEtiquette and cross cultural aesthetics
Eleen DeprezCurating Cultural Artefacts: Creating Appreciative Context
Cynthia FreelandArt and Philosophy of Colour
Paul GuyerImagining Imagination: Some Eighteenth-century Ideas
Claire Healy and Sean CordeiroDeconstructing lifestyle in the Anthropocene age via Contemporary Art
Nanda JaroszOne Example of Sublimity in Kant
Joseph Kassman-ToddA Relational Account of Art Criticism
Fred KroonFiction and Assertion
David MacarthurWittgenstein on Philosophy as Imaginative Exercises
Mohan MatthenProspects for Aesthetic Hedonism
Jennifer McMahonWhen Imagining is Believing, without Diversion nor Delusion: A Cognitive Aesthetic Formalism
Michael NewallCrits, Consensus and Community
James PhillipsFrom Imagination to Disinterest: Heidegger’s Relationship to Kant in the Shaping of his Philosophy of Art
Matteo RavasioHeuristic Devices in Music
Robert SinnerbrinkMoral Perception, Imagination, and Emotion: Exploring Cinematic Experience
Gavin SmithJohn Dewey and The Poetic Experience
Alessio TaccaWhy Duchamp is an artist and you are not
Daniel von SturmerWithholding Narratives: How artists use critical language in the development of their work
Daniel WilsonThe Japanese Tea Ceremony and Pancultural Definitions of Art
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The workshop is organised through the ArtSense Taste and Community
research project, funded by the Australian Research Council for 2015 – 2017.

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The workshop is also sponsored by the American Society for Aesthetics (ASA)

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This workshop runs as a 4 day stream within the Australasian Association of Philosophy (AAP) conference.

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