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Aesthetic Hedonism


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Cynthia Freeland

A New Question about Colour


Philosophers of art have advanced our understanding of the role of colour in realistic representation in painting. This article addresses a new question about how colour functions expressively in art.

I sketch some ways to answer this question, using examples of paintings by Mark Rothko and light art installation works by James Turrell and Olafur Eliasson.


Note that Cynthia acknowledges ArtSense ARC grant support.


75:3 Summer 2017: 231-48.




ArtSense explores how artistic value and meaning are attributed to artworks, and how cultural artefacts and imaginative constructs may be seen to motivate ethical or socially oriented behaviour. Funded by the Australian Research Council over 2015-2017, the project aims to create a forum for sharing expertise between philosophers and artists, particularly on the nature of perception. This will occur through workshops, publications and an app.

The app engages people in thinking about the implicit categories through which they make sense of things. Our objective is to cast light on what makes community possible between people with different cultural commitments. There will be different versions of the app associated with different galleries, events, workshops etc.

Access to the app is currently by invitation only, with a public version to be released at a later stage. If you have been given log-in details, follow the appropriate link below to view the current version:

   2017 WORKSHOP

The 2017 ArtSense Workshop was held in Adelaide, July 3-6, with follow-up events in Melbourne & Sydney.


The Arts & Imagination: the role of metaphors, tropes & images in shaping experience & guiding action

Papers address topics which bear upon the way cultural artifacts acquire meaning and value as an example of the process by which communities establish shared terms of reference.

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Volume 1, Issue 1

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Target Article : The Pleasure of Art

Invited commentaries from:
Cynthia A. Freeland, Paul Guyer & Robert Sinnerbrink

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